Menu Cards

Menu Cards

All of our create your own Chocolate Boxes come with a custom picture menu card so you, or the person you've bought them for, know which chocolate is which! A full ingredients list is also provided which shows the ingredients per chocolate so you know exactly what is in each individual chocolate.

We've also produced some downloadable menu cards to print off so you can show your friends or family what options we have for different flavours and dietary requirements. Simply click on the links below to download a printable PDF file.

If you would like any more flavour ranges or menu cards to print please feel free to email us

Alcohol Free Chocolates - 1

Alcohol Free Chocolates - 2

Caramel Chocolates

Coffee Chocolates

Dairy Free Chocolates

Dark Chocolate - 1

Dark Chocolate - 2

Egg Free Chocolates - 1 

Egg Free Chocolates - 2 

Egg Free Chocolates - 3

Fruit Flavoured Chocolates

Gluten Free Chocolates- 1

Gluten Free Chocolates - 2

Liqueur Chocolates

Nut Free Chocolates - 1

Nut Free Chocolates- 2

Nutty Chocolates - 1

Nutty Chocolates - 2

Palm Oil Free Chocolates - 1

Palm Oil Free Chocolates - 2

Soy/Soya Free Chocolates

Vegan Chocolates

White Chocolates

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