The Indulgence

Why Create Your Own Chocolate?

Being born with a nut allergy means that you don't get to try too many chocolates and even when you do most of them may contain nuts. I've never been able to eat an entire box of chocolates, there are always some left over! Ok, so I'm a little fussy too, but the allergy was the main problem!

Having grown up and now with 2 beautiful young son's, I have given my eldest a rather irritating gift - my nut allergy! Having to constantly keep a close eye on ingredients and making sure he wasn't left out at Birthdays and Christmas there wasn't a viable option that left us comfortable with giving him chocolate. So, The Indulgence was born. Not only does it allow for allergy information to be taken into account with full ingredient information per chocolate, not per box, it also allows for people to include their favourite flavours whilst excluding the ones you hate.

Zero waste. Just the chocolate you love.

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